Kapok FiberIndonesia
Kapok Fiber manufacturer based in Indonesia.
Established in 1992, Star Jaya started from the bottom as a kapok fiber stuffing business. Our main product is bed, mattress, pillow, and bolster using natural kapok fiber for the Indonesian local market.
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What is Kapok Fiber?
Kapok is a natural, cellulosic fiber. It is obtained from the seed hairs of kapok trees (Ceiba Pentandra). Kapok is also called silk cotton or java cotton. It is smooth, lightweight, unicellular, cylindrically shaped, hollow body, and very buoyant, and twist less fiber.

Providing a Natural Kapok Fiber for You!

We do our best to provide natural kapok fiber for our customers, working with the locals and communities to process kapok from its nature until ready to ship.

You can browse through our infrastructure gallery to find out how we process your order.


We would like to share our journey with you as a token of appreciation from your orders! Both domestic and international orders will be posted here, so you can remember our collaboration to build a sustainable business using natural products to help the people, and the planet. Cheers!

Factory :
Cepogo Utara Gambiran
RT.02 RW. 07, Indonesia
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