Kapok Fiber Indonesia

Established in 1992 by Mr. Yunius Saputra, Kapok Fiber Indonesia started with the name “Star Jaya”, a small stuffing business, that provides pillow, bolster, mattress, and floor mattress using natural kapok fiber for the Indonesian local market.

About Company

With the curiosity to learn where the kapok fiber comes from, how to produce natural kapok fiber, and what else kapok fiber can do. Star Jaya expanded the business to Central Java after sixteen years serving the Indonesian local market, establishing the factory to produce its own natural kapok fiber.

In 2022, Mr. David Yunius founded Kapok Fiber Indonesia and turned Star Jaya into its subsidiary. The Kapok Fiber Indonesia business process will focus on the production of kapok fiber and kapok seeds for local and international markets, while Star Jaya will focus on the production of final products such as pillows, bolsters, mattresses, and floor mattresses for the local market.

Kapok fiber itself offers a positive impact on the environment. Developing the production of this material, in the countries where kapok trees grow, helps to regenerate communities and develop economic prosperity - as well as having a positive impact.

To build a sustainable business, lead the industry to a better way for the people and the planet and become a part in the development and utilization of kapok fiber whose production results in a reduction of carbon footprint and chemical usage on the environment, Kapok Fiber Indonesia is working with the locals and communities to process and provide the best kapok fiber quality for our customers.

Factory :
Cepogo Utara Gambiran
RT.02 RW. 07, Indonesia
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